Rent a Villa at La Manga Club as a Cheaper Option to a Hotel Room

Buena Vista Luxury Villa Near La Manga SpaI’m a hotel person. I love the luxury that hotel provides when I am traveling. I want to come home to a clean and fresh bed. I want to have my dinner brought to my room. I want to have unlimited Wi-Fi access and generally have a great view of the city.
That is why during a trip in Spain, I requested for a hotel room for my husband and I and our two kids. When we got there, it turned out that the resort, La Manga Club, also had villas, which the receptionist mentioned might be a better option for us since we have baby with us. The space is bigger and we do not have to worry about next-room neighbours.
I thought about it for a while and then decided to take it. If the receptionist thinks it’s a better option, it must have already been a proven thing. They would not want a dissatisfied customer, would they? Well, as it turned out, it was a great idea.
Staying at the villa is the perfect choice for families like ours. It’s like staying home but in a resort environment. The location is actually also better because as our villa at Buena Vista was in walking distance of the Spa (for me) and the play area (for the kids!). We were also near the swimming pool, which we enjoyed swimming in a lot.
I also love the idea of going to the market and cooking our own food although we can also order from the restaurant if we want to. But with the gas range there, you just can’t resist whipping up some local recipes.