La Manga Watersports Holidays

I have never tried kayaking ever in my life until learned that it was one of the La Manga Watersports offered. So I never thought twice and strapped on my life vest. I had to because I never learned to swim like I never learned how to ride a bike. That is what you get when you have two overprotective parents always at your back. But since I am already at a resort that offers water sports, why not try one?

The several of the watersports offered included dinghy sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. Since I had no idea what a dinghy was and just the thought of windsurfing scared me to death, I choose kayaking. It was a good choice. It was something that I could manage without hurting myself since I was a real klutz. I also had a very capable instructor who taught me how to hold an oar the proper way and how to use it without hitting him on the face.

After two hours under the sun kayaking I felt I had the skills needed to try the wind surfing. The moment I held the handle I realized what a big mistake I had taken. I fell. I got bruised. But it was a good laugh.

I never tried dinghy surfing. I just stuck to kayaking which I did for most of the time that I was at the resort. Trying the water sports was the best fun I had since I was given the bubble making machine.