La Manga Football Holidays

La Manga Football PitchesI never thought that there is a place that I could go to where I can fulfill my football dreams until I heard of the football training holidays at La Manga. It was really great stepping out onto one of the eight international standard pitches. It was like I was in the World Cup with cameras flashing and fans cheering. Of course, the only camera flashing was that of my companion and it was not really a cheer that I heard but more of a say cheese command.
Anyway, taking a football holiday is one of the best things that a football fan like me has ever taken. I was able to witness one of the junior football academy training and even participated in it. I bet one of those kids will one day become a famous player. Especially that kid Marco, who gave the ball a mean kick to the goal.
I am not much of a touring person. I like staying at home quietly sipping a glass of cold beer and watching football matches. I would not have gone with the holiday until they mentioned that we’d be going to a football field. How can a fanatic say no to that? So I packed my stuff and went. I was so glad that I went because the experience is something that can’t be matched.
For football fanatics like me, I suggest that you also book one of these football training breaks. I guarantee that you will not regret it one bit.