Bellaluz Apartments: Better Than What We Expected

While staying at the La Manga in Murcia, Spain last year, we decided to try a different tack. It was our second time there and this time, we thought of staying at the Bellaluz Apartments instead of the hotel room that we stayed in before.

Of course, it is not just some whim. It was also the practical thing to do since we are part of a big group now and not the three-man group that we were last year. This year, instead of my cousins Kate and Dora, I am with my best friends Marie and Anne along with some of the people in our class. We’re 7 all in all.

The Bellaluz apartments were not what we expected. It was situated near where the bars, restaurants and boutiques were unlike where we were previously. It was perfect though for a group of friends who all want to have a great time. We stayed at the bar talking well into the night. I and Marie shopped our hearts out. The row of shops there offered a lot of really unique stuff.

The apartment came equipped with internet connection, which we all loved. We also found it convenient that it had dishwasher and microwave, which we can use to cook food. There was even a washing machine, which we thanked god for because laundry services abroad can cost a lot of money. The money we saved by doing our own laundry, we used to buy food.

We went to the beach a couple of times but largely spent our day lounging in the 25-meter pool near the apartments.


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